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Diesel Detox Pro - ARDINA Car Care B.V.

Highly concentrated diesel additive with multiple effects on your fuel system, DPF, turbo and EGR-valve, cetane number and engine efficiency.

Diesel Injector Cleaner - ARDINA Car Care B.V.

Cleans the entire diesel fuel system including injectors.

Diesel Treatment - ARDINA Car Care B.V.

Treats the diesel fuel system including valves and injectors.

DPF Regeneration Aid - ARDINA Car Care B.V.

Lowers the ignition temperature of accumulated soot which will speed up the regeneration process.

Diesel Stop Smoke - ARDINA Car Care B.V.

Will help decrease the amount of smoke that comes from some diesel engines and reduces toxic emissions.

Diesel Anti-Freeze 1:1000 - ARDINA Car Care B.V.

Prevents diesel gelling/crystal forming at low temperatures.

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ARDINA Car Care B.V. is an independent manufacturer of leading edge high-quality fuel, motor oil and cooling system additives, lubricants, automotive fluids and other car care products.


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