Gasoline Detox Pro

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Highly concentrated gasoline additive with multiple effects on your fuel system, octane level and engine efficiency.

  • Extremely effective concentrated problem solver for all deposit related problems in gasoline engines
  • Cleans the fuel system including injectors, valves and combustion chamber
  • Prevents deposit build-up in and malfunctioning of the catalytic converter
  • Boosts octane number by 2 - 4 points
  • Improves combustion and restores engine power
  • Improves fuel economy
  • Reduces toxic emission
  • Eliminates rotten egg smell
  • Protects against corrosion

All gasoline engines (including direct injection) with or without turbo or catalytic converter.


Pour the contents of one bottle in the f uel tank before filling it with gasoline.


One bottle treats 40 to 60 litres of gasoline.

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ARDINA Gasoline additive is a multi-purpose additive that cleans the complete fuel system including valves, dirty carburettors and clogged injectors. Restores power and performance.

Gasoline additive Before After valves1Gasoline additive Graph 1 base vs baseadd vs baseACC gas treatment

Test Results (LT FT)

Currently there is no standard test available to identify the level of dirt deposits on injectors. However, a good indicator is to measure the (L)ong (T)erm (F)uel (T)rim. This is an indirect measure of the degree of injector deposits. The higher the LTFT, the greater the level of deposit build up on the injectors, which leads to reduction in fuel flow and therefore a less optimal combustion. The LTFT is a measure of the additional fuel required to maintain optimum combustion.

Clean-up Test

This test shows the clean-up performance of the ARDINA Gasoline additive. In this test, the engine runs on a reference fuel for over 50 hours in cycles of 1 hour. At the end of each cylce, the engine power is measured. After the cycles, the engine starts to run on fuel with the additive. Again, the engine runs in cycles of 1 hour after which the engine power is measured. The test results show that the original engine power is almost completely restored when using the fuel with the ARDINA additive.

Gasoline additive Graph 2 Cleanup Test

ECE 15 Test

An ECE 15 emission test cycle has been conducted using a Golf FSI and an Audi A3. Fuel consumption of the vehicles was measured when operating on dirty injectors and using a base quality gasoline. The vehicle was then run for 1000 km in ‘clean-up’ mode using the same fuel with ARDINA gasoline additives in the fuel. At the end of the ‘clean-up’ mode, the fuel consumption of the vehicle was re-assessed with impresive results.

Gasoline additive ECE 15 Test data

The benefits shown in this graph are obtained as a result of high levels of inlet valce clean-up and a restored injector flow.

Gasoline additive Graph 3 4 Power benefits GolfA3


Protection against corrosion

The use of ethanol in gasoline (a legal requirement in many countries already) can cause corrosion related problems in the fuel system. The ARDINA Gasoline additive contains a strong corrosion inhibitor which significantly reduces corrosion in gasoline fuel containnig ethanol. An ASTM D665B test has been conducted using a commercially available gasoline with 5% ethanol. The results show a huge difference in the level of corrosion protection when the ARDINA Gasoline additive is used.

Gasoline additive Corrosion Test 1

Content 500 ml
Languages EN, DE, FR, ES
Packaging 6x500 ml
Pallet 174 cartons
Technical specifications
Colour Amber / Brown
Density g/cm³ 0,80
Flash Point > 61°C
Odour Characteristic

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