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BORTEC Friction Fighter - ARDINA Car Care B.V.

High quality oil additive for low and mid SAPS engine oils without solid particles.

Ceramic Engine Protector - ARDINA Car Care B.V.

Provides longterm engine protection and significantly reduces friction and wear.

Engine Flush - ARDINA Car Care B.V.

Internally cleans and flushes the engine from old oil before an oil change.

Motor Oil Treatment + MoS2 - ARDINA Car Care B.V.

Reduces friction and wear in the engine and improves oil viscosity.

Oil Stop Leak - ARDINA Car Care B.V.

Stops and prevents engine oil leakages through seals by swelling back seals to original size.

Oil Stop Smoke - ARDINA Car Care B.V.

Decreases excessive smoke emission and improves overall oil stability and viscosity.

Universal Oil Stop Leak - ARDINA Car Care B.V.

Allround oil additive which can be used to stop seal leakages in engine & gear oil, ATF, power steering fluid and hydraulic oils.

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ARDINA Car Care B.V. is an independent manufacturer of leading edge high-quality fuel, motor oil and cooling system additives, lubricants, automotive fluids and other car care products.


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