EGR, Turbo & Intake Cleaner

Product Code: 68334

A simple but effective way to clean your turbo, EGR system, intake, throttle valve and combustion chamber.

  • Effectively cleans the Turbo, EGR system, intake, throttle valve and combustion chamber from power robbing deposits and lacquer-like compounds
  • Improves engine performance, fuel economy, engine idling and starting
  • Increase lifetime of sensitive engine components like catalysts and diesel particulate filters
  • Reduces harmful emissions

For all gasoline and diesel engines with or without turbochargers.


Follow the instructions carefully or have an automotive repair shop carry out this treatment.


The content of one aerosol is sufficient for two treatments via the air intake or cleaning dismantled parts as per your requirements. ETI should be used regularly on engines sensitive to intake fouling and DPF saturation. To prevent carbon deposit build up regular use of ARDINA fuel treatments is highly recommended.

Content 400 ml
Languages EN, IT, FR, ES
Packaging 12x400 ml
Pallet 98 cartons
Technical specifications
Colour White / Foam
Density g/cm³ 0,82
Odour Charasteristic

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