Brake Paste (Anti-Squeal)

Product Code: 68400

ARDINA Brake Paste (anti-squeal) is a premium quality anti-squeal and anti-seize paste containing a soft aluminum solid lubricant. Formulated to be used in extreme environments.

  • Lubricates and separates under extreme pressure loads and temperatures (-40˚C to >1.100˚C)
  • Quiets, eliminates and prevents high-pitched braking squeal
  • Hinders weld seals, seizures and corrosion
  • Reduces the effect of acids and chemicals
  • Resistant to fresh and salt water

Apply sparingly to clean component surfaces. Ensure surfaces are completely coated before assembly.


To be used whenever required.

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Content 5,5 gr.
Languages EN, DE, FR, ES
Packaging 100x5,5 gr.
Pallet 24 cartons
Technical specifications
Colour Aluminium Grey
Odour Characteristic

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